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Saturday, March 18, 2006

And Justice for All

Working on A Question of Justice has been an incredible experience. David Kaczynski, Bud Welch, Bill "2-t's" Babbitt, and Gary Wright really have it right. Compassion, Friendship, Brotherhood, Respect...words to live by. We've been working on this film for 3+ years and are almost done with the production end of things. But like all indie documentaries, money is the issue. I guess money is the issue on all films, but the indie doc world has really had a hard time finding funding.

Besides looking for funding for my film, I'm at a loss for a good cup of coffee. Bean Heads Coffee House closed in December. Everyone in Cambridge, NY is missing Bill, his great coffee, and the hospitality of Bean Heads. Let's hope someone with a dream finds the place and buys it. History and a great cup of java all in one location, how can you miss?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just Another Day

Winter has returned to the north country...I think it was brought in by Georg W. when he visited yesterday. Does anything good follow that man?

So a bill to censure President Bush has been introduced to Congress. Finally, someone with a set! To keep from getting overly depressed with the State of the Union, I focus on the upcoming mid-term elections. I know that the present administration does not represent the majority of Americans. BUT the very vocal, very well organized, and very well funded fundamentalist right has a choke hold on our government. So here's what I wish for: that We, the people of the United States, will wake up this November and vote out all the gutless, wittless members of Congress and elect some officials that are not afraid to speak out when they disagree, will represent the majority of people in this country, restore the constitution and the rights it affords us all and end the embarrassment that is felt by so many patriotic citizens toward the present government and what they have done to OUR GOOD NAME.

I have to believe that we have it in us to boot the bastards out of office...the alternative is just too scary to think about.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Mulch Ado About Something

Spring finally arrived this past weekend. It felt so great to get outside and do a bit of yard work. I have quite a few piles of leaves scattered around the lawn. They look like termite mounds. Speaking of termites...I've been getting some emails about cheap mulch. Seems that the trees that were destroyed by Hurrican Katrina and Rita have been chipped up and sold for garden mulch. Unfortunately, these trees come with a terminte infestation that has no known remedy. I don't know if this is urban legend or truth, but I'm sticking to the more expensive mulch from my local garden supplyer and not going for the Home Depot discount on this. As an environmental scientist, I know that one of the easiest ways introduce non-indiginous species to an area is by unsuspecting transportation. It's how the zebra muscle came to our shores, how the brown snake got to Guam, and how many biological crisis first begin. So watch your mulch!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

You're only as old as you let yourself be

My first posting on my own personal blog. I must be joining the generation On Beyond Zebra! It will probably take time to figure out the hyroglyphics of coding so I can get this thing to look right, or maybe I should find an intern from the local elementary school. They probably know this far better than I do!

So life, the universe and everything goes, but it will all be according to my take on the subjects.

In tribute to Bill Maher....

What do you think about getting older. I don't me hitting the big 3-0 or 4-0...I mean finding out that you are past middle age and taking care of your elder parent? I'm in that position and am having a bit of a time justifying my refusal to admit I'm not in my 20's and being the child as parent. It's a problem that many of my friends are confronting and one we all will be facing as the Boomers age-out.

I'm dealing with something called Louis-body Disease. It's Parkinson's with dementia and just a joy to be with. Truthfully, my Mom is pretty easy. She's not a cantankerous old bag or a nasty, kvetching witch. She's funny, loves movies, and is up for any sort of outing. It's just that I did not plan on having any children, let alone a parent that needs such care. I find that it really puts a crimp on things. But she probably felt that way about me when I was in my teen years. So because I love her, and she has always been there for me with unflinching support, I am happy to have her living with me. I miss the Mom who I could really talk with and seek advice from, but this new Mom is pretty funny too. So if you're dealing with a parent and caregiving, please share your thoughts and tell me your stories. Just because I'm getting older, facing up to responsibilities, and now a homeowner, it does not mean I'm old.